Texan Stone provides our industrial and oil and gas clients with only the finest product for their processes. Our guarantee of high quality product is backed up by our tried and tested international supply chain methods. Whether fine minerals or shale chemicals, Houston’s Texan Stone is here to ensure every client receives precisely what they need to keep their businesses running smoothly.


At Texan Stone, we utilize the best materials from all over the globe, including Europe and Asia. Along with the breadth and size of our network, our experienced associates interact with the farming communities, chemical manufacturers, miners and processors, refineries, and other manufacturers on a regular basis. We import directly from reputed manufacturers with stringent product requirements.


Texan Stone represents and partners with select manufacturers and suppliers who are financially sound, ethically minded and ensure that quality is built into their daily operations. Texan Stone sells only approved products that undergo rigorous auditing, preparation, processing, and packaging.

Warehouse Handling

Our product is all professionally packaged, handled and stored in a proper facility at the right temperature. This is absolutely necessary because some of our products are hygroscopic in nature and humidity will affect the product. We are vigilant about making certain our precious product is properly secured and guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Shipments are stored in bags or via pneumatic loading for domestic shipping. For some product, bag samples are taken with double sealed bags, which include clear direct offers to end-users. These bag samples are shipped for testing, and upon satisfactory testing, client contracts can be executed.


Our shipments are placed in Super Sacks and shrink wrapped to protect the product from moisture and to mitigate any forklift damage from container loading and destuffing. Other hard product is placed in crates to protect them from any potential damage.

We supervise all loadouts to ensure correct lots are shipped in a timely manner. We document the condition of all shipments to ensure quality product is shipped. Texan Stone can also provide assistance in finding a qualified trucking vendor for shipment.

For Suppliers

Suppliers should send their cargo details to with the COA, BL, product location, and the warehouse contact and address. Our cost is absolutely the best money can buy for safe and superior services. We will advise on any possible additional cost, including account receivable insurance cost up-front to avoid a last minute surprise.


For All Inquiries

We are here to provide the highest quality product to industrial and oil and gas clients.

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Texan Stone was founded on the principles of integrity and consumer trust. We are exhaustive in our measures to ensure high quality products and service to every client.

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